Light low-floor container

Base vehicle:

Renault Master RED Edition 


Electronics and interior (standard):

1. 6-speed manual transmission, Diesel engine with a capacity of 2299 cm3 with a power of 132 kW meeting the Euro VI emission standard. Front axle drive.

2. manual air conditioning

3. driver and passenger airbag

4. electrically adjustable and heated mirrors

5. electrically adjustable windows

6. halogen, front fog lights built into the bumper

7. automatic Lights and LED daytime running lights

8. ABS- an anti-lock braking system that prevents the wheels from locking up during braking

 9. traction control system (TCS)

 10. MP3 radio, Bluetooth, Hands-free system, USB port

13. cruise control

14. smoking package

15. power steering

16. steering column height adjustment

17. driver's seat with backrest tilt adjustment, front-to-back, top-to-bottom.

18. rubber carpet in the cabin

19. central locking system with key

20. cigarette lighter socket in the driver's cabin

21. immobilizer

22. two sets of keys

23. cabin seats made of dark material resistant to mechanical wear.

24. original steel wheels with hubcaps and factory tires in size 225/65 R16


Construction design (standard):

  • Container walls made of laminate and filled with heat-insulating foam (Laminate 1.1 mm + foam XPS 25 mm + Laminate 1.1 mm Extreme Power),

Structural elements made of aluminum profiles and glass fiber reinforced laminate profiles,

  • Fittings and finishes made of aluminum and stainless steel,
  • Rear doors - double doors (opening to 270 degrees with locking protection),
  • Lighting of the loading area with LED lamps with motion sensors,
  • Bumper-mounted taillights,
  • Anti-slip spout in the loading area,
  • Upholstered rear wall in the cabin,
  • Cargo space (interior dimensions):

- total length of cargo space : 4000 mm,

- width : 2000 mm,

- height : 2285 mm,



- separated social space with two couches: 550mm

- separated cargo space: 3410 mm




Additional services:



  • Separated social space with upholstered two recliners.


  • Installation of a rear loading ramp or folding gangway
  • Installation of a side loading ramp.
  • Parking heating with distribution to the body.


  • Roof air conditioner.


  • Rear axle air suspension manually controlled from the vehicle cabin.
  • Monitor with reversing camera.
  • Three rows of rails with struts for securing cargo.